My Work.

Like all designers, I've got core skills and auxiliary skills, and my work spans across different design verticals like UX / UI design, 3D design and occasionally Graphic design.

Deriving experiences from these areas, I can only tell that the future of design is going to be more deliberate and delightful.

UX / UI Projects

Bloc - Designer Track Program - 72 weeks

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Montero is an adventure activity meta-search engine that discovers and compares adventure activities in India and Nepal.

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A personal budget manager that tracks your expenses and incomes and gives you recommendations to make you financially fit.

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Blocbox is a SaaS web application which allows people to collect information and store it in a single place. A person can create simple documents, store images, links to websites, and collaborate with others.

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Other Projects

Design and Prototyping of a 3D Printer

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Graphic Design

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I craft thoughtful solutions around an idea and execute them with much precision, care and attention to detail.
I have a knack for building products that don't just look well but also work well.

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